Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

Perfect for kids party bags

Kids Party Bags
To give or not to give kids party bags, that is indeed the question that hovers in many a parents mind when planning their child's party. Throwing a birthday party for kids these days is no small feat, in some circles there is much competition and pressure to throw bigger and better events and as a result the cost can spiral. 

For others the pressure to please their child is self inflicted because lets face it, they are so adorable and we want to make their special day special indeed. But where do you draw the line?
Many of my subscribers have posed this question to me, "where do I draw the line" and in discussing this topic one of the most debatable 'must have party item' that comes up is kids party bags, also known as a loot bag or goody bag

My answer is firstly that no-one should feel pressured to provide anything out of obligation to others, and in saying that I am also saying one needs to consider the reason why we traditionally hand out party bags in the first place. By considering this you may find that the gift (as so often said) is in the giving.

As a children's party expert I take it upon myself to know the origins of many celebratory traditions, but the origins of the party bag remains somewhat elusive, so I will share with you the reasons why I myself always send my little guests home with a special memento of my child's special day, emphasis on the word 'memento'.
As already mentioned, the gift is in the giving, and to receive that wonderful sense of delight when you give a gift you must first put some thought into it. A plastic bag full of lollies and plastic junk is I believe the 'obligatory' party bag which should be avoided. Of course, if you have no problem with this type of gift bag then give them away to your hearts content.

But for those who feel somewhat reluctant to spend money in this way, who feel more lollies is a bad idea or who simply are watching their pennies then the always better alternative is a party memento, something that is a keeper and will serve to remind your little ones guest of the special party they attended.