Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

Pirates theme birthday party

Pirates theme birthday party

Usually a child's party is better the more The most important rule to remember when try to throw an age appropriate party with a theme is balance. Anything pirate is good and the more you incorporate the theme the better. If it is a children's party and your guests are dressing up include pirate games, songs and movies.

 Make dinner the main activity and visiting the second most important activity. For example, if you would like your pirate themed party to require the guests to dress up and you are catering to adults then the setting should be relaxed. There are certain details that will help you decide what kind of party it is. 
Up until now we haven't addressed how to make this party age appropriate.

 Let your creative juices flow here and come up with something wild. If your guests are a little older then just use pirate slang for the information. You could have your guests follow a trail of clues to a treasure and their invitation is the first clue. If you enjoy doing crafts then making your own home made invitations will be cheap and extra special for your guests. Deciding what decorations will go where in the space you are planning to have the party in will also help keep the stress level down.

 Be creative and keep it simple, you'll enjoy it as much as your guests that way. Examples could be, Codfish Fritters, Black beards Salad, A Bottle Of Rum Cake and lots others. You can incorporate the theme into your menu by creating clever names or even recipes that a pirate might eat. Whatever works best for you and your guests will be fine. Make a menu up of hors d'oeuvres, or strictly desserts.

Start making lists to help organize and prepare for the shopping, decorating, and inviting. If you decide nothing else in step one, make sure that you know who you are inviting and to what extent you will incorporate the theme. If the party is for adults then the pirate theme should include elements but not be over ran. If you are throwing the party for children then a fun and silly pirate themed would be appropriate. These questions are part of your pre-planning that should be done before any decorations are bought, any invitations are sent out, or any menus are planned.

 Is it for a child or for an adult? Are you throwing the party for someone or is it your own party? Is it a birthday party? Is it a Halloween party?

Decide who is on your guest list and kind of celebration you want to have. Below I've listed a few suggestions to get your pirate party off to a great start. Well, if you pre-plan the details and cater to your guests it isn't too hard of a task. So how do you make a pirate themed party appropriate for all ages?

  A pirate party is such a multi-dimensional theme that can be appropriate for all ages.