Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

Cellophane Party Bags at children's birthday parties

Cellophane Party Bags

If the Bride To Be knows there is something embarrassing in the bag her natural reaction will be to tear off the packaging and hide the One of the great things about cellophane party bags is that they cannot be torn open easily. If you are using a cellophane party bag then make sure you make the most of it. The wrapping itself will get people talking and guessing.

By doing this the excitement will start from the moment the Bride To Be is asked to open the gift. For example if one of the guests sent embarrassing pictures from a holiday, wrap them in a page from a travel brochure, preferably with a "hunky" man prominently displayed. When it comes to wrapping the gifts, use your imagination. These will all add to the excitement of the hen party and act as a focal point during and after the meal.

As well as the gifts from friends you should also include some typical hen party paraphernalia such as "hotty whistles", l - plates and dare games. The trick to getting the most from this method of presenting the gifts is to put effort into wrapping the gifts. The genuine gift and the "memory gift" should be kept separate. Wrap each gift individually.

 So what is the alternative? There is absolutely nothing wrong with this method, however by doing it this way an opportunity to involve everyone and generate some excitement is lost. Combine all the presents in one box and present them to the Bride To Be at some point during the hen party. Basically there are two options.

The next part of the job was to wrap the gifts and get them ready for presentation and that is where the printed cellophane bags come in. One small genuine gift and one gift that would provoke a reaction, such as an old photo, a poem, a shared memory, anything that would evoke a happy or embarrassing memory. They were all asked to send two gifts.

Well in advance of the party the "Head Hen" contacted all the Bride To Be's friends and family, even those who could not attend the hen party.
Having attended quite a few hen parties myself one particular method of presenting the presents worked really well, this is how it was organised.

There is no traditional standard, it is totally up to yourself. Presents for the Bride To Be can range from small items of jewelry to a life size inflatable man. Alternatively you may have pulled together a party pack for all the hens.

 Perhaps you are organizing a selection of gifts for the Bride to Be and are looking for ideas on how to present them. Over the past year or so there has been an upsurge in everything to do with hen parties, including the presentation of gifts at them. However that is not the only occasion at which they can be used.  In the last few posts I have focused on the use of printed cellophane party bags at children's birthday parties.