Senin, 07 November 2011

How to Give Clutter-Free Birthday Wishes

How to Give Clutter-Free Birthday Wishes
Birthdays are a great time to make someone feel special. Gifts and cards are traditionally given to show that person what they mean to us. However, it is obvious from the popularity of auction sites like eBay, the prevalence of thrift stores and garage sales, and the relatively new developments (and awareness) of concepts such as professional organizers and hoarding Americans of all socioeconomic groups have too much.
There are many ways to show someone how much you care about them without giving them something they can upset and just take up space in your home. Gift cards and certificates are available, but they sometimes lack the impact of some selected staff.

How to Give Clutter-Free Birthday Wishes
Make a Difference

The best birthday wishes are that the transfer of a gift to a person, animal or entity who need it. For example, you could make a donation on behalf of the person who is having a birthday party, either to an organization that helps people or animals, or directly to a person. You can also register the person's birthday to be a permanent sponsor a needy child or an animal and pay the required amount of money on their behalf, whether for a specified period of time or indefinitely.

How to Give Clutter-Free Birthday Wishes
Give an Experience

Most people have memories far more expensive than material possessions. When giving a birthday experience, a gift that will never be forgotten, broken or lost. The experiences can be shared by you and the recipient, shared by the receiver and a partner or a friend, or given to the birthday celebrant alone. For women (and some men), you can plan a spa day together or buy a spa package for her. Another option is to buy tickets for an event of shows, concerts or sporting activities. Sign up for a seminar or a short class. A mini vacation would welcome another birthday wish granted!

How to Give Clutter-Free Birthday Wishes
Feed them

Obesity is an epidemic in this country, but you do not have to provide a cake for every birthday calories. Take your friend or relative out for a meal in the gourmet restaurant of their choice that would never go to something else. Schedule a "cook day off" for them and deliver pre-made meals to your door in the morning. On the other hand, simply make a special batch of any dish they like!

How to Give Clutter-Free Birthday Wishes

We offer a service

The service can be something provided by you or by another person. Services may be provided on a regular basis in the course, in exchange for coupons that you do and are redeemed by the birthday celebrant, or for a gift of a special moment. Depending on what is good, or whatever you can afford an expert, you could offer the following services:

* Photography
* Personal Training
* Scrapbooking
* Kitchen
* The organization of
* Maintenance and repair of automobiles
* Baby, pets, plants and / or house sitting

The options are endless. Leaving the birthday tradition marketed, you'll really give you something that no one would re-gift, even if they could!