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Birthday Cake & Bakery : A Camp Rock Birthday Cake to Make Your Party Rock!

A Camp Rock Birthday Cake to Make Your Party Rock!
The perfect camp Rock birthday cake is the perfect addition to the Camp Rock party ideas. There are different cakes for many out there who can not decide what to buy. Or have you decided to create your own cake from Camp Rock? Sodium and try to make your cake unique is a challenge. So make sure your child's birthday really rocks with some of these ideas Camp Rock birthday cake.

Your first option is to buy a cake prepared, ready furnished. I've seen some in my local supermarket variety, either with the cast of Camp Rock or Camp Rock logo. You could also go to a bakery or cake specialist and one made for you. This could be one of his designs, or design you choose.

A Camp Rock Birthday Cake to Make Your Party Rock!
Also, if you go to the supermarket or the bakery most of them a service where you are printing a photo or an image you have on top of a normal cake. Note, however, most due to copyright laws will not print the images that have been cut from magazines, etc. But you can take a photo of your child singing the song up or carry total children to design their own logo or image.

If you want to make a birthday cake of Camp Rock has two options. The first option is to make the entire cake from the very first or second option is to buy a normal sponge and decorate in the Rockin 'Camp Rock style.

A Camp Rock Birthday Cake to Make Your Party Rock!
Start with the real sponge. You need to decide what form that sponge will have. You can bake differently sponges in tins shaped sponge cake or buy ready-made and cut into the shapes required. Forms of cake you may have are:

* Ronda - of any size.
* Rectangle - large or small.
* Plaza - of any size.
* Star - Cut a large square.
* Guitar - Made from three sponges in a rectangle. One for the arm of the guitar and two together and then cut into the shape of the base of the guitar.
* Note Musical - Made in three ways as a square rectangle background for the arms of the note and then two round sponges for each note.
* Microphone - You will need a rectangle and a round sponge to form this shape.
* Cake Shop - Made with three sponges in a square at the base of a sequel, two standing on each end support each other to form a tent. Simply cut a triangular piece to be used for the back of the store.
* Logo Camp Rock - With a large photo of the Camp Rock logo cut the sponge in the same way.

A Camp Rock Birthday Cake to Make Your Party Rock!
Once you have your basic shape is the time to decorate. Here are some ideas Camp Rock birthday cake for decorating:

* Decorate with cake decorations Camp Rock.
* Create a scene from camp in a flat cake (fire tent camps, etc.).
* Draw on the Camp Rock logo and colors with glaze ice feathers.
* Decorate a guitar or a microphone with edible icing and candy to give a realistic look, for example, strawberry laces guitar strings.
* Put a photo of the birthday girl at the center of a star-shaped cake.
* Write, with the feathers of the icing, "We Rock" or "Let's Camp Rock.

A Camp Rock Birthday Cake to Make Your Party Rock!